A Love Letter

This week, a vintage caravan containing Marie Klimis’ A Love Letter, has been parked outside of the Westway Trust. Welcomed with a cup of tea, visitors were able to discover the love stories Marie had gathered from North Kensington’s residents. Through dioramas and sound installations, they put the focus on what it looks like after the age of 50. A magical escape for all from the weather.

Known for creating experiences that combine storytelling with intricate craftwork, Marie Klimis has once again created a unique, welcoming and special moment with A Love Letter. Each of her dioramas, set in a box, told a different love story, which visitors were invited to listen to, conjuring a slice of happiness and wonder. At a time when the streets are getting emptier, her caravan remained a cosy hive of activity.

You can listen to the recordings on Marie Klimis’ website.

What the audience had to say:

“I was so impressed by the stories and the wonderful box art made with such care and imagination. A very moving experience. Thank you!”

“The sounds-excellent. The boxed frames quite an innovation. Interesting topic to be done with teenagers or young marrieds. “

“It is an amazing project. Thank you so much for sharing stories of love. Wonderful idea!”

“A warm welcome, an invitation to escape into people’s love stories for a few moments with a nice cup of tea in hand. Beautifully curated and executed, poignant and captivating.”

“Very interesting project. Very nice atmosphere, great idea, nice interaction with the artist. Love is always a lovely subject.”

“Beautiful space that created a lovely atmosphere for the love stories. Nice and quiet moment, nourishing and inspiring.”

“I have spent one hour here in this wonderful place, listening to these love stories, it’s fascinating and deep. Some tears of happiness…time stood still and I didn’t even realise I was in one of the busiest places in London. Thank you!”

marie klimis art

“It is absolutely wonderful! Marie’s art is so beautiful!”

“The warm and cosy environment that contrasted so nicely with the cold grey outside (literally and metaphorically).”

“I loved the warmth, the sweet light, the welcoming atmosphere. I found a little wisdom and love, tucked away in this surprise of a caravan. There is one in particular that resonated as advice or at least relevant to my current situation. I loved the smiles shared with others listening.”

A love letter klimis

“I was sat outsides listening to 3 stories each so different and beautiful. What resonated was how we experience love, what drew people to get there. How the voices changed when they spoke of the person they loved. Thank you for the experience.”

“The space was cosy and welcoming- tea was a nice touch. The dioramas were very impressive-creative and moving. The stories were touching and inspiring and I really appreciate the artist giving voice to older people.”


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