Aleksandra Zaręba-Zeltsch

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About the artist

Aleksandra Zaręba-Zeltsch was born and grew up in Poland, lived in Germany, and has lived in London since 2014.

She studied History of Cinema and Film Production at The Film School in Lodz. 

With her film education and skills for drawing, she likes to tell stories through pictures. In 2009 she published an illustrated book about a small paper ship that wanted to see the world.

In 2013, her short animation movie The little red paper ship travelled around the world. In everyday life, she works as a freelance matte painter, environmental artist and draws a lot. 

The Project

Re-seen by Aleksandra Zareba Zeltsch is a visual journey to rediscover the place that became her new home five years ago, to recapture the wonder that got lost in time and to reignite her emotional connection. Her process evolves through the historical path of art creation by progressing from hand-drawn sketches to photography and digital painting.

Read more about her creative process in this interview.

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