Brian Okello aka Bambookidd

Visual Art


About the Artist

Brian Okello, aka Bambookidd, is originally from Queens Park but he now lives in north-west London. He is a multidisciplinary artist and specialises in illustrations, graphic design and mural art. He has been practising for over 10 years and has built an identity through his own unique illustrative style.

Growing up, Brian would draw and sketch constantly. This became a hobby, then an obsession, and now a passion. The younger him never dreamed of becoming an artist and it was all just fun and games that he didn’t pay a huge amount of attention to. He just knew it was a fun escape, unaware that this constant routine, dedication and patience would lead to the development of his talent.

He has spent countless hours developing his style and has been fortunate to have experienced some success and notoriety from collaborations, commissions and the occasional viral moments. His work is very honest which makes it relatable.

The best way to describe his work is ‘it’s like something you’ve seen before but at the same time fresh, new and different’.


The Project

Unseen conveys his introspective ideas on the urban landscape and the characteristics of a community interacting under the Westway. Unseen celebrates what is seen whilst uncovering what’s beneath and unseen. His ideas are informed by social commentary and spontaneous responses to his environment, transformed through illustration and graphic art.

It will be exhibited in a joint exhibition, more information here.

Bamboo Kidd



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