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XXIV (24)


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About the artist

Corrie David King, also known as Corrieography, is a young up and coming choreographer and dancer who was inspired to dance from the age of three by his grandmother. His technique training didn’t start until his early teens and prior to that, he was self-taught. In his early years, he was inspired by art, live performances and literature, which helped him to create his own unique movement language. His technique background includes both classical (ballet, tap and contemporary) and Hip Hop (popping, locking, house, lyrical, breaking). Although he has gained more experience in classical forms, Hip Hop is a major influence and he continues to earn respect amongst the Hip Hop community with his style of fusion.

Corrie has also trained in African forms of dance for two years under Beverly Green and her company IRIE! Dance theatre. Graduating from Middlesex University with a BA dance degree, Corrie has performed commercially for the likes of kid ink, T-pain, Hudson East and many others. Corrie has also choreographed for companies like Ilovetour, and UKLC (UK Language course).

Corrie is in constant construction of himself believing he can always do better. He also is a writer, actor, singer, poet and utilises his other talents to feed his creation of dance.  He is currently establishing his own company called D.R.E.A.M (Dance Rules Everything Around Me) where he hopes to make his dreams and those of other artists, a reality.

The Project

This research and development process will explore the label ‘high rise community’ and expose truths through the sights and sounds of people’s diverse experiences and cultures.

King has chosen to dive into his own community to help him find out what this term means to others and what others think and feel about their community. He also wanted to give light to those who lost their lives to the Grenfell fire, (hence the title named after the floors of the building) may you rest in peace. He will work with performers from diverse backgrounds; age, gender, sexuality and disability, to change perspectives and assumptions of residents of high-rise communities.

Every creative decision will have intentional references, such as having 24 layers to the music that represent the floors of the tower and creating certain melodies in G minor as a tribute to Grenfell.

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