Charlotte Devaney

Since falling in love with dance music as a teenager, Charlotte Devaney has worked tirelessly over the last decade to become one of the most unique, multi-faceted artists on the electronic underground. Yet with a string of viral and underground hits under her belt in 2018 and a swathe of releases lined up for 2019, it feels like the best is still to come. It is undoubtedly for DJing that Devaney is best known. After first taking to the turntables, Devaney quickly rose to prominence as a popular host and DJ on Invincible Radio and later Pyro Radio (a station she still broadcasts on).

Devaney’s DJ career has flourished since she made her club debut in 2009, notching up headline sets all over the world. Her success is due to her innate ability to read a crowd, work a dancefloor and rock a party with an eclectic, bass-heavy mixture of music including house, bassline, UK garage, hip-hop and drum & bass/jungle. As well as possessing tight technical skills and inspired track selection, Devaney is also renowned for delivering lively and passionate performances where she takes to the mic to host and spit rhymes.

Creative, driven, dedicated and hugely talented, Charlotte Devaney’s ascendancy will continue in 2019. Whether through her DJ sets, productions or performances, she’ll keep lighting up dancefloors in 2019 and beyond.


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