I Will Tell International Film Festival

30 August-9 September

Subterania, W10 5QZ


I Will Tell was an international film festival of love, light and hope. They premiered powerful stories of transformation, and tales of unlikely heroes overcoming adversity, from more than fifty countries around the world.

These films contributed to a more complete global narrative, challenging perspectives and inspiring and motivating.

Their filmmakers are talented professionals who make great sacrifices, even risking their very lives to bring these hidden treasures to a wider audience. Post-screening discussions with filmmakers such as Tim Reid, Lily James and Lashana Lynch, country ambassadors, subject matter experts and, of course, the audience, ensured that no one leaved I Will Tell unchanged.

The name of the festival comes from a word spoken in the Senna dialect Ndinadsawapanga (pronounced Nah-jah-pang-ga). Many years ago, festival director Jenny Lee met Anel, a young girl living on the plains of Thoera in northern Mozambique. Anel desperately wanted the opportunity to go to school but girls in her village were not allowed an education. Shy but undaunted she declared a phrase that has resonated across the world over the years  – I Will Tell.

The I Will Tell International Film Festival runs in the UK, USA and Trinidad and Tobago tackling some of life’s biggest questions.

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