Kensington Karavan Festival 2019

21-22, 28-29 September, 12-13 October 2019

A totally unique theatre experience inside a 1950s caravan
The best of theatre on the streets of North Kensington

Small Truth Theatre present a festival of brand new short plays especially created for our unique Kensington Karavan – a specially designed 1950’s vintage caravan theatre!

8 of the most exciting and diverse playwrights bring their original stories to the streets of North Kensington.

The successful commissions are:

  • Spirit of Carnival by Emma Dennis-Edwards 
  • September Skies & Yanina and Elsa by Jessica Butcher 
  • Enough by Abi Zakarian 
  • Centre Ground by Chloe Todd Fordham 
  • The Way to Happiness by Alison Carr
  • Under the Bridge by Olivia Mace 
  • Ammonite by Rachel Causer
  • Disruption by Sid Sagar

Small Truth Theatre is an award-winning theatre company based in North Kensington bringing the very best in theatre to the heart of the community. All shows are FREE and open to all.
Join us in our tiny theatre with a big heart

Audience reaction…
“It has to be the best 20 minutes of great immersive theatre! Brilliant.”
“An absolute delight”
“Proper good show, well done all involved…highly recommend”
“Don’t miss this magical and intimate theatre”
“An absolute unique theatre experience”
“interactive, fun and very engaging”
“I was moved in ways I didn’t expect, it was inspiring”
“It was really cool, I’ve never seen anything like it”

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