The Golborne Festival

7th July 2019

Golborne Road, W10

Meeting up with friends and neighours, old and new, young and old!
Fun, local, exciting, good vibes, memorable

This was the tenth annual Golborne Festival organised by the Golborne Forum, bringing everyone together in the Golborne Ward and surrounding area to celebrate all that is good about this neighbourhood. As the area changes, it remains a vibrant and diverse place to either live or work, unique from the world-famous Portobello Road. The Golborne Forum worked in partnership with the nearby Venture Centre as well as Catalyst, Westway Trust, the K & C Social Council, RBKC’s Market Officers and many other community organisations, as well as many of the shops in Golborne Road.

On the day, stalls ran along both sides of Golborne Road, between Portobello and Wornington Roads, giving out information and support to local people, as well as arts and crafts, activities for children and families including face-painting,

The Festival was funded by Westway Trust, Catalyst, City Living and Local Life, RBKC and Green Shoots.

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