Meet the Artists Reimagining “Place” in the Westway area

What does the Westway area mean to you? How do you see a familiar place with fresh eyes? These are some of the questions the inaugural recipients of the Artist Commissions Programme will seek to explore.

Cover photo: Feruza Afewerki-Abraha, Gold & Ashes

We are pleased to announce the inaugural participants of the Westway Trust’s Artist Commissions Programme.

Eight small but transformative bursaries aim to provide fresh voices with the producing support to create new work responding to the theme of ‘Place’. Commissioned projects will include sharings and presentations in a space on the Westway estate between December 2019 – March 2020.

Meet the artists:

  • Feruza Afewerki-Abraha, Gold & Ashes (Visual Storytelling)
  • Nick Field, Songs that Nobody Taught Me (Music-Theatre)
  • Melanie Frances/Produced Moon, Manifest (Drag King Flashmob)
  • Tim Head, My Yard (Visual Arts)
  • Corrie King, XXIV (24), (Dance)
  • Marie Klimis, A Love Letter to My Greatest Mistakes (Immersive Storytelling)
  • Brian Okello aka BambooKidd, title tbc (Visual Arts)
  • Aleksandra Zaręba-Zeltsch, Re-Seen (Visual Arts)

Find out more:

Discover more about the eight artists and their plans and check back regularly to find out how their work evolves.

Feruza Afewerki-Abraha

Gold & Ashes (Visual Storytelling)

A photo series with the hope to bring dignity and honour to the true stories of the Grenfell community.

Nick Field

Songs that Nobody Taught Me (Music-Theatre)

A song cycle threaded with spoken word and storytelling, exploring and challenging ideas around community and the places we come from, national identity, and inter-generational legacy.

Melanie Frances/Produced Moon

Manifest (Drag King Flashmob)

An exploration of performative masculinity with a group of local women-identifying and non-binary people, culminating in a drag king flashmob.

Tim Head

My Yard (Visual Arts)

Community workshops will culminate in an exhibition and an iconic, pop, public mural using found objects and materials sourced locally alongside paintings, collage, drawings and photographs.

Corrie King

XXIV (24), (Dance)

Named after the number of floors in Grenfell tower, this piece will explore the label/term “High rise community” from the sights and sounds to peoples’ different cultures.

Marie Klimis

A Love Letter to My Greatest Mistakes (Immersive Storytelling)

An immersive storytelling trail across the Westway area created from the unusual stories of the local community.

Brian Okello aka BambooKidd

title tbc (Visual Arts)

A celebration of the talent and uniqueness of people who make up a community, through street art and installation art.

Aleksandra Zaręba-Zeltsch

Re-Seen (Visual Arts)

Creating an emotional map of Ladbroke Grove using sketches, photography, and digital paintings.

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