“Pockets of Happiness in Chaos”: reactions to XXIV

On 27th February a very special evening marked our first POP! Festival artist commission. ‘XXIV’, choreographed by rising star Corrie King, was experienced at the Yaa Centre, North Kensington.

The extraordinary new work performed by a company of eight dancers, concluded with a full standing ovation by a full house!

Here’s a selection of impressions shared by the audience:

Very intense, emotional – communal experience. Beautiful to see cultural harmony

Speechless. Emotional high

Very challenging, though provoking allowed me to feel others and their vulnerability

I am so excited to see this piece as these topics are not talked about enough (especially hits close to home). Plus it helps me in my own practice in storytelling and dance theatre.

It was very creative and beautiful would love to see more from them.

Beautiful peace from inner chaos to inner peace. Concept was really well thought – very unique.

Friendship, confrontation, group love, growth, support.

I resonate with the bond of family, connection and development. The business and diversity of movement was really enjoyable and can added to re-watchability. The dancers were strong and confident.

corrie king choreography

Really powerful, expressive (facial expressions were strong). Team work was great!

Amazing, thought provoking. Stirred up emotions enjoyed the dance the physicality!

The piece was very powerful and intense – themes I picked up on included acceptance and vulnerability- I loved it!!

Very emotional piece! A lot of chemistry between dancers who clearly felt and understood the meaning of the piece. Clever mixture of music.

Powerful, building community is so important. Done well.

Pockets of happiness in chaos. Themes of family and friendship. Internal struggle.

Beautifully powerful performance and the animation complemented it well.

Coming up!

If you missed XXIV (or loved it!) then have no fear, as POP! Festival is continuing apace this month. Coming up this week:

  • My Yard, by Adidas designer Tim Head. Iconic murals on the corner of Portobello Road and Acklam Road.
  • Re-Seen & Unseen, a provocative and moving joint exhibition by independent artists Aleksandra Zareba Zeltsch & Brian Okello.
  • Gold and Ashes present: Our Stories, an afternoon of wellbeing followed by an open mic, come and share your Grenfell stories in a supportive environment.

The full line-up of the festival can be found here.

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