“Figure out the Journey”: Quick Questions for Corrie King

Opening the inaugural POP! Festival (Portobello Open Process Festival) on 27th February is Corrie King. He’ll be sharing a new dance piece titled XXIV (24), this work in progress will feature a cast of 10 and explore the high-rise community. We caught up with Corrie briefly to ask him some quickfire questions about his art.

Favourite dancer (dead or alive):

It’s hard to choose!  My favourite dancers are: Keone Madrid, Merce Cunningham, Akham Khan, Glenn Hudson, Hanna Robia Miller, Chris Martin, Larkin Poynton, Kevin Paradox, Martha Graham.

They all challenge limitations on how they should live, who they work with and their creativity.  They truly make their own rules and are true artists and pioneers.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

“Figure out the journey… Get lost and find your way. Just come to terms that we will be here in the future… We are building” – Glenn Hudson, an artistic director and choreographer who is currently a big influence on my work.

The late Lincoln Fleary, a past mentor whose talents knew no bounds would just tell me to try my best.

Who is your favourite superhero, and why?

Spiderman, because he is a local guy who always has the odds stacked against him but he comes out on top.  I felt like a bit of a spiderman when I was a kid!

What’s your favourite thing about being a choreographer?

Being able to travel and meet new people and my own journey of self-discovery. Choreography gives me the freedom to express myself and the power to change things through my art, or at least try to help. I am a rebel artist and my dad always says “never let anyone shut you up”.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about your work?

That it’s easy and fun and not a real job. People often underestimate the amount of time it takes to create, or think that my movement is dictated by the music. It takes a lot out of a choreographer to create new work – I could create myself into an early grave if I am not careful, it has a double-edged sword effect.

If you were stranded on a desert island, which two objects would you bring?

Music. My Nakama (my team, my family), I have my own group of creative beasts (dance rules everything around me) and they are the reason I can deal with life’s challenges and run 100mph towards something I would usually dislike doing. So I believe that being on a desert island with my family would be life without too many problems.

What is the last thing you liked on social media?

When I’m in creation mode I try not to engage with social media because my feed is full of art and I don’t want to be influenced. So I choose to ignore social media when I need to be in the first stages of artistic development.

Which artwork of yours are you the proudest of?

‘Club 27?’ A video project that can be found on My instagram and other social media platforms such as YouTube.


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Figure out the journey Get lost, find your way. Make the estate. Just come to terms that we will be here in the future… We are building” @therealglennhudson /Sensei. . where to even start…. TODAY IM 27….. Not sure how to feel… I will definitely say that I’m blessed to have each person in this video as family members. The energy was A1 on this. I couldn’t ask or think of anything better. Issac/Merlin sprinkled his magic on this from grading to editing to capturing….. it’s like he know exactly what I want and how. One of the best birthday presents I’ve ever got. . . I would love to just say this one was just about having fun, but my inner artist knows why I did this. I did this because I’m turning 27 and it’s really for some reason a different feeling, “I’m done with hardship” the idea is that I only want family and well balanced people….Hence “You ain’t got to lie” … that a big motto/energy. Again I had to film this at my Home/My kingdom. West london #thewestiscoming . . Special thanks again to all of you Keanu Simms @keanu_simms Oliver ‘Back Centre’ Engele @ollyengele Chaquille “Ambush” Osborne @chaquilleosborne_ Lisandro ” JR AIM” Pinto @its_lisandro Said “Sai San” Rashid @sai_rish Johnny “Milo” Elimu @smile_at_jonathan Taylor “Chef”Gordine-Francis @taylor_chef Quan Horang @q.xho Daisy Marchese @daisy_c__ Logan Ringshaw @loganringshaw Miles “Lotion” Umbbricht @milesericumbricht Tilly Geddes @tilly.indigo Cache Thake @cachethake terique Simpson @teriques And thank you for watching… #dancer #film #videography #humanfirst #mybirthday #message #westlondon #passion #love #worldofdance #worldstar #xxxtentacionedits #videography #dance #arts #movementismedicine #onset #videooftheday #videoart #dancevideoworldwide #green #kingkendrick #TDE people I hope that see this @topdogent @xr_kensingtonchelsea @netflixuk @massmovement.agency @massmovementlon @missymisdemeanorelliott . audio:- @xxxtentacion @kendricklamar . All audio displayed in this video is own by all respective owners and is being used for art purposes and not intended for profit.

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Give us three words that describe XXIV?




Pop festival dance

What are you listening to today?

I’m listening to the XXIV soundtrack as it needs a very high level of attention and consistency with my art to connect with it.  I’m also listening to “Where’s Juntao“, a local artist who I’d describe as a family member and a great artist who should be profiled.

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be doing?

There isn’t really a Plan B! There genuinely isn’t anything else that gives me the same mental and physical cleanse that movement creativity does. So maybe the answer is that I wouldn’t exist.

Discover Corrie King’s XXIV on Thursday 27th February, 7-8pm. Reserve your free ticket here.

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